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Can people who are granted asylum work legally?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Firm News

People who come to the United States to flee a dangerous situation can seek asylum to stay in the country legally. If they are allowed to stay, they will most likely seek employment. However, it is imperative not to violate the law when doing so as it could jeopardize their status. Knowing and following the rules for receiving permission to work in the United States is key.

How people granted asylum can work legally

Applicants must fill out Form I-765 in order to receive work authorization. A person does not need to have been granted asylum to apply. If their application is pending, they can seek an Employment Authorization Document, or EAD. They can start this process 150 days after having filed for asylum, but they cannot receive the EAD until their case has been pending for at least 180 days.

Once a person has been granted asylum, they can legally work. Those who have asylum do not need an EAD, though some choose to wait for one so they can be easily identified and to ease the process. If the person is denied asylum, they will not be legally allowed to work after the expiration of the EAD or 60 days following the denial.

Know the steps

People who seek asylum do so because they are being persecuted and are in danger in their home country. Entering the United States and being granted asylum will undoubtedly be a relief. Still, they must think about how to support themselves and their family. It’s important to seek out advice from professionals.